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Welcome To Our Website

Upgrade to Energy Saving Bulbs Products! Buy LED Tubes and LED Light Bulbs for Sale in Florida


Our mission is to educate our Customers about LEDs and their energy saving lights. We help inform clients in Florida and surrounding areas about how to buy bulbs and upgrade lights by using LEDs and energy saving lights that are for sale in our inventory. What we bring is affordable energy saving LED bulbs and tube lighting to households and business.

Hospitals, restaurants, manufacturers, auto dealerships, schools, churches, commercial businesses, and government entities in Florida and other areas can buy and upgrade to LED lighting products to obtain a 50-85% reduction in their lighting energy costs and significantly lower their cooling costs. Buy & upgrade to our sale LEDs and energy saving lights and get these cool features:

  • • Modern LED bulbs and tubes are used to upgrade from fluorescent to cost-saving LED lights.
  • • Energy saving lights that are "DESIGN LIGHTING CONSORTIUM" certified. Tubes last for 100,000+ hours or 11.4 years if they were left on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • • Loads of maintenance savings come from not having to replace your bulbs/lights or ballast every few years.

Gulf Coast LED Lighting, LLC is located in Gulf Breeze, Florida and serves everyone who wants to reduce their lighting energy costs as well as upgrade the looks of their business. Our mission is to help property owners in Florida and other Gulf Coast areas lower their monthly costs by reducing electricity consumption, cooling costs, and maintenance costs. We do this through providing the highest quality LED lighting products available today at a very affordable price. Feel free to browse through our website to learn more about our company and the LED lighting products we offer. We are proud to serve clients in Florida and throughout the U.S.

With Gulf Coast LED Lighting, you get leading green energy and upgraded LED technology lighting products for sale that can greatly lower your operations costs every month. Buy and expect a breakeven period often less than 2 years. You will also qualify for your Power Company’s rebates and should qualify for the Federal Commercial Building Tax Credit of $.60 per square foot of your building anywhere in Florida and Gulf Coast areas.

Gulf Coast LED Lighting is your best source for LEDs and energy saving lights/bulbs in the market today! Buy LED lighting products that promote savings and are environment-friendly. Upgrade and buy energy saving lights & highest quality LEDs lights products available for sale today at very affordable prices.

We have for sale the best LED lights for upgrade with the longest warranties. They’re great for commercial, residential, indoor and outdoor lighting and various industrial and medical installations in Florida and Gulf Coast areas. We only sell energy saving LED products that have passed rigid quality control test and have reliable after sales support for their customers. You can buy and get the best products at affordable prices.

All of our Superior LED lights for sale are non-toxic, 100% recyclable LED lamps and will not yellow or break at the slightest bump. LEDs come in several color called kelvin temps (warm, cool, daylight) to enhance the look of any business. They meet or exceed the requirements of all applicable government and environmental rating systems and the coveted “Energy Star” and "Design Lighting Consortium” Certifications by significantly reducing electrical consumption and cooling load in day-to-day operations. Gulf Coast LED Lighting – Products You Will Be Proud To Buy and To Use.

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  • 2. Par Lamps
  • 3. A-Lamps
  • 4. Spot Lights
  • 5. Long Lights
  • 6. Flood Lights
  • 7. High Bays
  • 8. Street Lights
  • 9. Garage Lights
  • 10. Billboard Spot Lights
  • 11. Wall Packs


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